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Your Journey Towards Optimization Begins Here.
Today's online world can be consuming and overwhelming.

With a little guidance, the confusion can be greatly reduced.

My Optimized Web is here to help small businesses develop an affordable and effective online marketing campaign.

We look at the four critical steps to making sure you have an authentic online presence that is designed to get you more customers for your business.
The Four Steps To Optimization

1: What is your mission?

What problems do you solve?  Who is your customer? What is your offer?  By establishing your Brand, you will be answering these questions.

2: What is your message?

How you speak to your customers is extremely important. It all starts with content that embodies your brand and your message.

3: What is your system?

Develop a website and/or funnel that will allow you to reach the highest number of customers possible.

4: Are you optimized?

How effective is your online presence?  SEO and Social Media KPI's are extremely important.  If you don't know this, your missing out on potential customers.

Lead Generation
If you are a small business who needs to get customers through the door, then lead generation is your ticket to online marketing.  Through targeted social media, we can get your information in front customers who will respond to your offer.
Sales Conversion
Have a specific product or service you would like to sell online?  A sales conversion funnel may be just what your looking for.  With the right funnel, you can efficiently guide your customers to your selling point, and maximize your revenue.  
Mobile Friendly
We all know how popular smart phones are these days.  So it goes without saying that you need to be mobile friendly.  Everything we build is designed to work on any web device.
Branding Strategies
With so much competition in todays world, getting the attention of potential customers must be step 1.  And the beginning of that adventure is to develop a captivating brand identity that communicates everything your customers need to know in a matter of seconds.
Content Development
Along with solid a brand strategy, it pays to have content that moves all of your business goals forward.  From pictures to video to copy-writing, we are here to help you develop content that will get your customers to notice you.
Website / Funnel Development
Most small businesses today need a hybrid website / funnel.  A website provides information, and a funnel guides them to a specific point of action.  In our consultation, we will walk you through the process we use to get the most out of an online website and an online funnel.
Social Media Strategies
Once you have everything in place, it's time to make sure you are putting all of your hard work in front of the right people.  We work to develop a steady traffic source for your online presence.
Don't Be Overwhelmed.  Be Optimized. is specifically geared towards helping small business that don't have huge marketing budgets develop an effective and efficient online marketing process.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you out!
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